Tiger –

Introducing Air-Ink, the first ink made from air pollution.

We worked with Tiger Beer and scientists to capture soot from vehicle exhausts. This was turned into safe, high-quality ink.  

We sent Air-Ink to street artists around the world, resulting in 1000+ artworks and $4.6 million USD in earned media. More importantly, the 770L of Air-Ink produced prevented over 20, 000hrs of CO2 entering the air.


In London – a city that reached its yearly air pollution limit in 6 days – we ran an activation with Tiger’s delivery trucks, using them to make ink then giving that ink to local street artists.

This generated huge PR, garnering attention from major media outlets like BBC, CNN, Wired, and The Guardian. 


Finally, we used Air-Ink to take over Contagious Magazine, the world's most definitive publication of bravery in marketing. The issue also contained an 8-page feature spread on Tiger Beer and how Marcel Sydney has helped the brand create globally relevant, award-winning work.