Maggi –


As people’s life-styles get busier we have seen a trend towards eating out. And with so many food shows, contests and docos out there, it can be intimating for some people to even contemplate using their kitchen.

At Marcel, we believe if you have a kitchen you’re a chef. So when Maggi came to us with a challenge - encourage Australians to cook and enjoy more food at home - we were in our element.

We created two 30-second TV commercials to launch New Maggi Marketplace and kick off the new brand positioning that celebrates home cooking. Both executions feature an expert-chef style voiceover guiding the viewer through the individual quirks and unusual culinary techniques of our Maggi chefs.

In one film a couple prepares a meal using rather unconventional methods of getting key elements into – and out of – their cooking pan. In a second execution, a woman uses her kitchen utensils in an awkward way as she prepares her meal. Both films celebrate and focus on the quirks, slip-ups and personal touches we can all resonate with in the kitchen.