Four Seasons –
The Extendables


Four Seasons produces high-quality condoms for all shapes and sizes. Most of the communication in their category is aimed at encouraging singles and teens to wear condoms, yet studies show that 30% of parents wear them too – when they manage to find time for sex!  We saw this as an opportunity to grow Four Season’s business.

Meet the Extendables: an online cartoon we created and produced to keep kids busy while parents get busy - in the bedroom.

The show, about extraterrestrial puppets coming to earth, allows romancing parents to monitor the kids by securely pairing Mum or Dad’s smartphone to any laptop, TV or tablet, effectively turning it into a motion sensor.  If kids wander away from the screen, the motion detector picks up the movement and sends an alert to connected phones to avert the risk of an untimely surprise.

In the first 6 hours of the launch, more that 1 million people viewed the launch video, 200, 000 people shared it and 80,000+ users extended their time in bed.


Here's a selection of some cheeky social posts we used to promote the campaign.