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American Express introduces Celebrity Intern in new campaign from Marcel Sydney

Marcel and American Express have joined forces to give small business owners the help they need; introducing the Celebrity Intern.

The new campaign supports the American Express Business Explorer Credit Card which was launched last year to give small and medium-sized businesses greater flexibility in managing their cash flow and greater rewards on their spending.



The Card offers competitive benefits including: 100,000 introductory Bonus Points, an extra 50,000 Bonus Points each year, 2 passes to the Sydney Airport American Express lounge, plus much more.

Australian small business owners are time-poor, risk-taking, multi-tasking champions. However, sometimes their passion for their business can mask how truly difficult it can be to run one.

To prove just how well American Express understands this, the Celebrity Intern shows Australian comedian, Merrick Watts being put into local small businesses to see how he measures up when faced with the behind-the-scenes realities of running a small business.

The series of advertisements show happy-go-lucky Merrick trying his best to keep up with the day-in, day-out demands of running a small business in six completely different situations. From plumbing, to pedicures and paperwork, even the simplest of responsibilities sees Watts fail miserably - proving just how skilled small business operators are.

Peter Likoudis, VP of Marketing for American Express Global Commercial Payments says: "Small business owners are among the hardest working people on the planet. The American Express Business Explorer Credit Card aims to make things easier for them and was designed specifically for business owners from the beginning. The product has great rewards, tools to simplify payments and reporting, and cash flow benefits to make the card flexible for the realities of running a business.

"We've taken a new direction with our Celebrity Intern campaign, using humour to show small business owners that we understand that running a small business isn't easy but that we are there to back them along the way."

Scott Huebscher, ECD at Marcel Sydney says: Scott Huebscher, ECD at Marcel Sydney says: "It was a great brief to be asked to come up with something completely different for American Express. It's been fun to work with them and Merrick to create light-hearted and humorous comms amidst a category that is typically serious."

The Celebrity Intern will be launched online through YouTube and Facebook social media campaign which you can see here:



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